SUPERFLEX™ has acheived successful results to numerous pets. Read some of the great comments we have received from indiviuals who have trusted in SUPERFLEX™ for there cat or dog. SUPERFLEX™ is a successful and cost effective treatment...well worth ordering and we will continue to use it!
 Clinical, Double-blind, & Placebo-controlled Study Validates Benefits of Velvet Antler for Dogs with OsteoarthritisAdeerco Natural Health Product of New Zealand
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Deer Antler Velvet - testimonials


Dr Doron Zur Bsc. Bvsc. MRCVS.

Dr Doron ZurAnimals Kapiti Limited, Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

To Whom it May Concern. After a recent introduction to SUPERFLEX™ deer velvet pet supplement I had a number of clients of our Veterinary Practice trial SUPERFLEX™ on their pets. Some of the dogs that were treated with SUPERFLEX™ were being treated for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions with NSAIDs (non steroid anti inflammatory drugs).

Each client was asked to monitor and record any changes in their dog or cats condition. The results were quite amazing. Over 85% of the clients who used SUPERFLEX™ found that there was a marked improvement in the agility and mobility of their pets. There was also a noticeable improvement in the condition of the animal’s coats and skin.

SUPERFLEX™ proved to be a suitable alternative treatment to the NSAID products with the added bonus that no negative side affects were noted. A number of clients commented that were most pleased that they were able to use a natural product to control the pain and inflammation from which their precious pets suffered.

Dr Doron Zur. Bvsc. MRCVS
Animals Kapiti Limited
Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand.
March 2005.

Mike Brown, BVSc, Veterinary Surgeon, Rangiora, New Zealand

SUPERFLEX™ has a number of therapeutic applications for animal treatment, including applications as a tonic and food additive, and especially as a therapeutic for numerous muscular-skeletal conditions.. Therapeutic response to SUPERFLEX™ is very good.

Shane Frahm, Oxford, New Zealand.
Casper, a German Shepherd.

Question: have you noticed any improvement in the health of your dog (Casper) while taking the Adeerco Natural Health product SUPERFLEX™? Answer: Yes, definitely. After the first settling in period of treatment Casper responded remarkably. There was a marked improvement in his stamina and his eagerness to run and walk returned to normal (as before the onset of his crippling arthritis). Casper now leaps about to be let off his chain in the morning (something he hasn’t done too much lately). Casper is definitely a happier healthier looking dog, who is always eager for his tea in the evening. SUPERFLEX™ is a successful and cost effective treatment

Heather Winter, Christchurch, New Zealand

Our 9 year old (dog) Labrador, Meg was having so much trouble with her back legs that she could no longer get onto a couch she loved. After lying down, she would hesitate to get up, and often drag her back legs a bit. Her back right leg would bother her so badly she would limp. We started the SUPERFLEX™ this summer and immediately noticed a change after a week or two. Now it's autumn and she actually jumped up onto the couch for the first time in months. She no longer limps, she plays rough with other dogs and appears so much happier. After lying down, she gets up without hesitation. We are so thankful for the SUPERFLEX™!! It has been well worth ordering and we will continue to use it!

Peter Fitzgerald, Te Oka, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand”

Dear Sir,
I have been giving my dogs deer velvet,( SUPERFLEX™) for the past 6 months and as they cant write I would like to share my observations with your readers/members. We have two Labradors. Louis, a 11year old black dog, and Meg a 3 year old golden bitch. Both pets have spent all their life on the farm so enjoy plenty of exercise and basically the same diet as the working dogs, however they are both experts at supplementing their diets, a breed trait, so I am conscious of their weight. About 1 year ago Louis became noticeably stiffer and I was concerned that he was obviously in some discomfort, a trip to the vet confirmed that the old boy was indeed suffering from arthritis due to age, an active life, and possibly some inherited predisposition to this condition. Expensive medication was prescribed, dietary supplements and quality of life discussed. I decided that dietary supplements and some lifestyle changes for Louis would be the path to follow and we did. The improvement to his mobility were noticeably better after about two weeks of taking 2 560mg tablets of SUPERFLEX™ per day, his coat is shiny and his eyes bright. Yes it works! He is still an old dog but with a new lease on life and I recommend your product to other pet owners.

Yours sincerely
Peter Fitzgerald, Te Oka, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

Stephanie Preist, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

After two cruciate ligament operations and being treated on caprefen based NSAID drugs I still had to help my six year old St Bernard, Eccles, to stand. In only a few days after my Vet recommended that I try him on 'SUPERFLEX™' I stopped all other medications and he was standing on his own and much more lively and mobile. The result was so great that I am now taking deer velvet capsules myself.

Brenda Wilkin, Waikanae, New Zealand

Sally, my 13 yo German Shorthaired Pointer had been suffering from back and hind leg stiffness since the age of 9&1/2. Sally had always been an extremely active dog as befits her breed but I began to notice that after bouts of hard exercise her back legs would tremble and she also appeared to be in pain. Our vet prescribed Metacam, a NSAID and I noticed an immediate improvement in Sally, clearly she was much happier and no longer in any pain so I decided to keep her on Metacam despite my misgivings about NSAIDS. I had also tried other ‘natural’ remedies for Sally but nothing seemed to work. As she got older, Sally developed quite a persistent ‘tremble’ in her hind legs and this never went away even while she took Metacam. A colleague told me about a deer velvet based product, ‘SUPERFLEX™’ and that Kapiti vet Doron Zur was conducting a study on its efficacy. I was given a one month sample with instructions to give Sally 3 x tabs per day while still keeping her on Metacam for the first week or two. I actually ran out of Metacam after the first week and never went back. I am just amazed and thrilled at how well this natural supplement works for her. Sally is certainly pain free and seems to have not only become much more supple but more energetic too. Her eyes are bright, her coat thick and shiny and the only clue to her age is the grey around her muzzle and eyes. An added bonus is that her hind legs seldom tremble now, only on the odd occasion when she overdoes the exercise – and by that I mean when she races flat out after rabbits! I would never be without SUPERFLEX™ as , not only does it work but it is far cheaper than NSAIDS and much, much better for the dog.

"Curly, our 12 1/2 Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix, has been suffering from hip dysphasia since the age of two. After her yearly vaccines this August, she crashed and stopped using her rear legs. Her inability to walk caused dehydration and a bladder infection. She was so sick, miserable and frustrated at her lack of ability to get around, we were planning to help her to the bridge, and shed many tears. We really figured that this was to be the end of her lifespan. Miraculously, she walked down the stairs unaided the evening of her first dose to greet me when I came home from work! I'm not sure who was happier- the dog or me!

I can also attest to the effectiveness of your product. I've seen it (and felt it) work twice in our household. I have suffered from a rare disease called Mastocytosis for the last three years. Some of the minor symptoms are extreme fatigue and bone pain. I've done my best to keep pushing and not let the disease hamper my lifestyle, but it gets overwhelming sometimes. I ordered the special offered with Animal Wellness Magazine and started taking it the same day as Curly. I have to say that my fatigue has largely disappeared, and my bone pain is completely gone. I have never had any other product or medication make me feel like a normal person for three years.

I can actually say that I feel mostly like a well person now, and Curly has had an amazing turnaround. The results for both of us have been amazing, and I am eternally grateful. The whole family now takes it, myself and my husband, and both dogs. I heartily recommend your product to anyone I think might benefit from it, as I have seen the results firsthand.

Thanks again!
Lisa Tipton
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue volunteer
Newhall, California

"Whole Cat Journal product reviewer Dusty Rainbolt has been using red deer velvet antler on her 16-year-old cat, Reched, who is kidney-compromised. She found within a couple of days he was going up and down the stairs again. His appetite improved and he started to put on weight."

Whole Cat Journal, August 2002

"Dear NATRAflex, my daughter and I have to share our cat's story with you. Wild Thing, our cat, is about 13 years old and started limping suddenly one day. He couldn't put any weight at all on his front paw. He dangled his paw in front of him as he hobbled everywhere. It was so hard to watch. My vet prescribed aspirin, so I went online and found your company. I gave Wild Thing SUPERFLEX™ as recommended for a week, then cut it back to one every two days. I mixed it in his dry food. At the end of three days, he was walking normally, and at the end of one week, he was chasing birds across the field. I can't tell you how much it means to me to see him so happy! I tell everyone about your wonderful SUPERFLEX™ velvet antler pills."

Dorinda Breeland

"I originally ordered for my aging cat after seeing SUPERFLEX™ recommended in Whole Cat Journal. I am glad that it came with a free trial of Premium Velvet Antler, because I and my cat are both much happier. Let me tell you how NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler has benefited me. Last spring I developed an acutely painful and motion-restricting tendinitis in my arm and shoulder. The high-dose Ibuprofen prescribed over a number of months was not helping at all, and I was in too much pain to even attempt the recommended exercises. But after a week on velvet antler I saw a startling improvement, and now I am practically pain free."

Dr. Nancy Jane Tyson, DVM

"Pogo (9 year-old Dachsund) has suffered for several years with spinal arthritis. The drugs he was on, including steroids, made little difference. I was ready to put him asleep. Since starting him on elk velvet, he is a new dog. He is happy, runs all over, and barks. He certainly feels like himself again."

Phyllis Scoopmire

"Desi (10 year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback) was extremely crippled in her legs. We tried all the different arthritis medications with limited results. She has been on SUPERFLEX™ for four months, and acts more like a puppy than an old dog."

John Cottoneo

"Schotzy (11 year-old Doberman) has bad hips and arthritis cervical vertebrae. She used to cry out in pain when you touched her head or neck. She has been on elk velvet for several months and is doing great. She runs and plays again, and seems pain free."

Ardis Adams

I now have 3 dogs on it (SUPERFLEX™ for PETS). It is a fantastic product and I can see the difference. Thanks a million."

Kathi Dvorak

"As a practicing veterinarian, I'm always a little skeptical of overly-optimistic claims and non-traditional remedies, but velvet antler is the real thing...We've been testing velvet antler on more than 100 small animals with chronic arthritic problems, and the results have been impressive. In more than 80 percent of the cases, we've seen significant improvements in the animal's mobility and vitality.
Unlike human test subjects, who can be influenced by psychological factors, you can't convince an animal that it feels better. It either does or doesn't. With velvet antler, we've seen dramatic improvements that can't be dismissed. And velvet antler doesn't create the kind of problems we often see with traditional heavy-hitter arthritis drugs that can cause liver damage, kidney damage, bleeding ulcers, and a host of other problems. Velvet antler is at the top of my list when it comes to treating pets with arthritis and joint pain."

Dr. Clinton Balok, Cedar Animal Medical Center, Gallup, New Mexico (Read article by Dr. Balok)

"Tierra ( 11 year-old Australian Shepherd) had terrible x-rays, almost no normal hip joints left. She has been on elk velvet for over three months and doing great. I have noticed no side-effects to the medication."

Tess Langham

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